Top SEO content writing | Secrets Revealed

Top SEO content writing | Secrets Revealed

Solve problems on your way to success

Tired of dismal SEO content writing services not matching up to your expectations?

Is your content not meeting the requirements of your business?

Having trouble in ranking in the SERP’s for your content?

Have you been shocked to see one fine morning that your content has been blocked by Google?

Welcome to the flock brothers and sisters. Welcome to the mysterious world of SEO content writing. These problems are nothing new. We all had at some times faced these problems. But the solution for them was hard to find.

In this short read up, you will find all the solutions is required for successful SEO content writing. These are all practical and time tested solutions that I have been using for ranking my own contents on the web.

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Spend some time to read them, understand them and at the last apply them to your own creations, and see the tables being turned within a reasonable period of time.

In Rome, you do as the Romans do

Times have changed, virtually everything is going online now. Almost every writer and content creator that you know of are going online. Because their audience is not limited to the local population only, they have a worldwide audience to cater to. Technology has made the world a much smaller space in terms of accessing than it was before. Here we will discuss on  SEO content writing in order to make your writing much more compatible with the online world.

The ugly truth about Google in SEO content writing

If most work of the work that you do is online, then another dominating factor which you have to consider is Google. Google is on our phone, in our tablets, in our pc, in our home, in our neighbourhood. And even in railway stations. It knows exactly what you are doing at any point in time.

There are many other search engines, but we are not going to discuss them today. The main reason is that they hold a much smaller share of the online search world than Google as the following infographic shows.

You can perhaps say that Google is the boss, the super boss of the online digital world. This is where SEO content writing comes in. What is content? Well, content is virtually everything in the online world. What you are reading here is content, the daily news that you watch being read out is content. The scripts of the videos that you watch on YouTube is content. The product reviews that you read on online portals is content. They say content is the king.

SEO content writing
Dominance of Google

Although we are talking about the online world, the stories in the newspapers that you read every morning along with a nice hot cup of tea is also content. The pictures that you see in National Geographic channel are visual content. The nice punchlines that you see on the billboards while driving your car to office are all content.

Since this article is about the online world of content, we are going to discuss as to how SEO content writing can be beneficial for you. As a content writer, you have to remember two things, the first one is making your customers happy when they are reading your content. The second one is making Google happy with the quality and SEO compatibility of your content. To put it more bluntly, you need to create a long working partnership with Google, so that Google always tries to put your page in the first two sheets of its SERP’s.

It does seem strange, doesn’t it? Satisfying two different entities. One is a real person, and the other an artificial intelligence. Google is nothing but perhaps a million trillion lines of codes that are working together 24×7 to make life easier for all the netizens of our planet.

Ultimately, it all boils down to you. If you want to be successful in SEO content writing then you need to learn to satisfy both. The real world person as well as the digital entity.

Little known tactics to SEO content writing

Now, what is SEO? SEO means search engine optimization. This means that you need to create your article so that it can easily be read and understood by the real world person and by Google. Seo content writing services is a fast-growing niche with high demand. This post covers the main aspects related to the practical training of the same.

Now would you like to read something which is difficult to understand, has no proper headings or subheadings or maybe has no infographics to support what you are reading. You surely would not. You always need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience before creating any content. Make your writing fluid, easy to read and understand and also keep the needs of the audience in check when creating the content. The same is also true for Google. But in addition to the above, there are also some technical parameters which are to be followed for SEO content writing in order to make Mr Google happy. These parameters we will discuss shortly.

SEO content writing
Seo Content Writing Secrets

Google uses crawlers or bots which are nothing but a series to lines of codes to scan your blog or website which hosts your content. If Google finds your content suitable enough to be promoted enough, it then slowly starts to promote your content in its SERP. SERP means the results that are displayed by a search engine in response to the query put in by a user.

One thing you must remember is that SEO is organic. This means that by SEO you are trying to promote your pages or content without paying anything to Google. This surely takes more time and is a painstaking process but this is more effective and long-lasting than paid ads. Paid ads are movie tickets, you buy a ticket to watch a 2-hour movie. Your ticket is valid as long as the movie lasts. After that its gone. The same is just the opposite for SEO.

SEO you can say is limitless and timeless. By mastering SEO content writing you can ensure that your contents reach out to more audience in a better way, and for a longer period of time. The only investment that will be required of you is your time and utmost patience. Let us now move forward to discuss some real-world techniques by which you can make your content much more SEO friendly and stand out better in the online world.

Harry Potter’s magic wand

I do not need to tell you the meaning of a ‘key’. But you need to know what a keyword is. Whenever you type in a query in Google’s search bar about anything, then that particular query is a keyword. Using this keyword as a cue, Google instantly searches the web and displays the results that are relevant to that particular keyword in its results pages. Your primary focal point in your SEO content writing is your keyword. Your keyword is your magic wand which will help you to create enticing and much sought after content.

Now how do you arrive at a keyword? How do you know which keyword is going to work for you? How will you be able to know which keywords are being typed in by users in the almost 3.8 billion ( )searches that are being made every day?

The answer is, you need to research for your keywords by using various parameters and also by using various online tools. In this section, you will be getting a detailed view as to which primary tools you should be using for the same.

  • Google Keyword Planner: Your primary weapon in the brain game known as SEO. Using Google keyword planner you can find out which keywords are being used the most, what is their CPC (cost per click), what is their MSV (monthly search volume) and so on. You can even figure out which keyword has a low, medium or high competition rate. To be successful in SEO content writing you need to access this tool every time when you come up with an idea to write a new article. This is your essential first stop shop in your search for weapons in the SEO war.
    google keyword planner
    Google Keyword Planner


  • Keyword shitter: This is another very interesting online tool ( that offers you a wide array of suggested keywords which you can use to your benefit. But beware that using this tool for more than a few minutes can block your IP address.
    Not to worry, you will not need to use this tool for more than a few minutes, as within that short span of time, it will come up with hundreds of suggestions for you to pick and choose from.
  • Ubersuggest: Built by the highly acclaimed digital marketer Neil Patel, this tool ( readily comes up with numerous keyword suggestions and ideas for your use. This should become a ready reckoner for you in your SEO content writing. This tool will also let you know as to which websites are using the keywords that you are searching for and what is the number of visits and social shares that these sites are getting. It is almost like spying on other websites and getting to know their traffic. Ubersuggest will give you almost the same type of data as Google Keyword Planner but you must be warned that the statistics of the data might not match with Google Keyword Planner. So it is advisable that you use either of the two and not both at the same time.
  • Stop Words: According to Wikipedia ‘’Stop words are words which are filtered out before or after processing of natural language data’’, which means that you should not be using stop words in your keywords or in your title. In SEO content writing stop words are like a red flag. As Google tends to ignore stop words, avoid using them if you wish to rank your pages in Google SERP’s.  You can use the following link to know which one is a stop word

Congratulations! Your SEO content title is about to become irrelevant

Just the other day, you picked up a magazine in the bookstall by glancing at its cover. Did you read the content first and then pick the magazine? No, you did not. You picked up the magazine because you found the cover attractive and enticing. Well, the title of your content is your book cover. A good title in SEO content writing will help you to reach out and connect with the right audience. You need to connect first with your readers through your content title and then with the actual content. With the whole world encased in their mobile phones and laptops, people have become very impatient. The browser will hardly wait for more than 3 seconds if the title of your content fails to make a visual connect with them instantly.

If you want to make your readers pause and read through your content, then you need to make your titles relevant enough and attention-grabbing. Yes, and there are several online tools which help you to design titles which are suitable for SEO content writing. Sounds interesting? Let’s jump right into it.

  • Title-generator-com: This simple tool ( practically provides you with endless title suggestions related to your keyword. Just pick the one which you think is fit for your content.
  •  With the help of this tool ( you can get a detailed analysis report for your title. This tool tells you the number of characters that are there in your title. Whether your headline is of the right length or not. Getting to know the right length for your headline matters as heading with the right statistics tend to get more clicks.
    headline analyzer tool
    Headline analyzer

    From here you can get to know whether your title contains common, uncommon, emotional or power words. Quite a handy tool if you want your SEO content writing to instantly connect with your audience.

  • Page Title Pixel Meter: This online tool ( is very useful if you want to know the exact pixel count of your title. Google prefers to measure the pixel count of a title more than the characters that are there in it. You need to keep the pixel count of your title between 469. The fun part is this count increases or decreases when you capitalize any alphabet in the title. Just give it a try.

The truth about plagiarism in 3 minutes

Remember your naughty days in school during exam time? When you just couldn’t remember the answer to a question and decided to take a fast peep into your friend’s copy? The outcome? Getting caught by the invigilator and having your answer sheet being taken away!

Think of it in this way. The content which you are creating now is the answer to your exam sheet and Google is the invigilator. Do not ever think that in SEO content writing, text copied from other sources will not get noticed by Google. Google has all the tricks up its sleeves to immediately catch hold of a plagiarist. Think original, be original and write original. But even with all your good intentions, it might just happen that you might have to use the quote of a famous person in your content. Well, that certainly is not plagiarism. But since the end result of all your efforts is to sell your content to the waiting client, it is advisable to take all precautions to safeguard your content against plagiarism.

The following two tools easily help you to detect whether any element of plagiarism does exist in your content or not.

You need to make use of the above tools in SEO content writing to save yourself from being embarrassed many a time.

Stop wasting time and start investing in Yoast

Yoast is the last but must have weapon that you must have in your war of SEO. This is primarily a plugin that gets activated in WordPress. If you are having a personal blog or website, then I need not tell you more about WordPress. WordPress is probably the most widely used content management system on the planet. It runs 33.6% of all the websites on the world wide web.

chart showing dominance of wordpress
Dominance of WordPress

Yoast ensures that your content becomes as friendly as possible for the human user and also for the search engines. To make full use of Yoast you need to keep in mind the following steps while on a job for SEO content writing:

  • First, put your content in the WordPress backend system
  • Use appropriate headings and subheadings (H2, H3 and so on)
  • Make full use of bullets wherever possible, as bullets make it easier for readers to analyse and read through your content.
  • Check the readability scores and adjust content accordingly. Make sure the green happy emoticon always stays there instead of the red one.
  • Write a meta description of your content within 155 characters.
  • Enter your focus keyword and check its ratings.
  • If you feel everything is okay, then hit the ‘publish’ button in order to make your content go live.

So, that’s it. This list could go on and on endlessly. You always need to keep in mind that your ultimate aim is to sell your content to your readers. Leave no stone unturned so to make it as compatible as possible with all the technical parameters.

In spite of all the above valid help points, if you still feel that as a small business owner or as a  corporate you need to avail professional services in content creation to add value to your services as:

  • You may not be having enough time to write SEO optimized content


  • You are not an expert in SEO content writing


  • The content writing services which you have availed so far are below your expectations,

then please click on the link below to embark on a pleasing journey in content creation services:

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Let me end this article by a quote which says it all – ‘’Content isn’t King. Its the Kingdom’’. (@leeodden

Need I tell you more?

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