Alex's Story

This is what we did together​

Home Page

The Home page spoke about the company, why they are the best, what is their mission with absolutely no mention of that all-important person. Their customer!

Product Page

This page only mentioned about the features, prices and discounts related to the products.. Nothing about, how any of this, benefits the customer.


Blogs were well written but were only giving information and never prompting the user to take an action. They did not arrest, engage or educate the visitors.

I studied his website, and saw that the problem was not with the design.

But the contents were really really terrible.

After analysing his website I put forth four questions to Alex

Let us analyse the mistakes that Alex was unknowingly making

Alex is investing his hard earned money with the aim of bringing in relevant traffic to his website/blogs.

He has a fantastic range of products or services.

He is also offering superb discounts, that is unmatchable in his niche.

Unfortunately, he is unable to convert website visitors into paying/repeat customer.

Let us look at why this is happening.

Alex has not focused on the wants and needs of his customers but only 
on himself and his products.

💁‍♂️ Are your problems… the same as Alex’s?

🙋‍♂️ Do you want 3x more conversions?

If yes, then you are at the right place. 👍

We keep only one ☝️ thing in mind …

Our contents puts your customers FIRST, always.

This multiplies your conversion by (at least) 3X 📶 

💰 Wouldn’t you ‘buy’ from a place that gives preference to your needs first?

There are only two types of conversions:

  1. Registrations.
  2. Impulse ‘buying’ – paying customers..

Honestly, there are no others types of conversions possible.

👉 Let us create valid content for you.

👍 Let us multiply your conversions.

✍️ Let us craft email content to nurture registrant.

🤝 Let us convert them to paying customers.

Click on the button. 👉

Fill in the form.

Help us to know what you need.

We are confident that we will be able to add value to each other.

Your 3 Pains & our 3 Promises

We have spoken to so many people like you and have concluded that there are three major pain points.
The sad part is most copywriting agencies overlook this.Most copywriting agencies don’t acknowledge your 3 pains. But not us!We focus on eliminating your 3 major pain points which most don’t.

What Our Clients Say

Better promise, better service, better pricing. This is what BetterContent is all about. As a customer, I have had a truly amazing experience from BetterContent. As a copywriting agency they have been able to provide me with a level of service that many other time tested agencies in Hyderabad have been unable to. All the best to Team BetterContent.
MD, Eduvacation

Final Thoughts

We understand that online consumers dislike loud sales pitches and so do we. All consumers dislike being forcibly sold.

We as a CopyWriting agency are creating content in such a way so that it can engage with the audience and build a relation of trust and ultimately lead to conversion of the prospects into loyal customers.

Don’t you wish this conversion could have happened with your audience also?

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Or it may just be that you have fallen in love with our services and are reading our website content many times over.

Our Promise 

Your content will convert your readers to your leads or customers.

Content will get higher engagement.

Premium content will be delivered to you at best prices.

Your Protection 

Pay only when you are fully satisfied with the content.