Google Voice Search will effect and affect SEO Ranking

Google Voice Search will effect and affect SEO Ranking

The tech wonder that is Google Voice Search

Mr Pankaj is an avid football fan. Every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he checks the results of English premier league matches. He regularly uses Google on his smartphone to get the information. But, instead of typing, he taps the microphone icon in the Google search tab and says “English Premier League results”. The search results show his favourite team climbing up the ladder in the ranking list, which delights him. This is the marvel of Google Voice Search.

This is the power of the latest tech trend, Google voice search. This has eased the search for many Google users like Mr Pankaj.

You might think “are people using it already??” Well, the answer is Yes!

Since 2018, Google voice search has become the hottest revolution in the digital world. It is certain to become hotter in 2019. Voice search usage would grow exponentially with ever-increasing sales of smartphones.

Teens, college students, professionals, businessmen, housewives–you name anyone, one out of every five internet users are already using Google voice search.

Researchers forecast that 50% of all searches will be by Google Voice Search by 2020

Does that ring a bell in your mind? Well, it has to!

Voice search simplifies the entire search process. You would find it easier to search by speaking, rather than typing. Instead of touching, typing and scrolling the screen every time, you can just speak and get the info you need. It generates quicker and more targeted results.

Google voice search also provides regional language support, which is an added advantage. You can access more and more regional content, just by saying your query in your regional language.

The increasing use of Google voice search has also increased the online visibility of local businesses.

After opening Google, just say “restaurants near me” and a list of nearby restaurants pop-up on your mobile screen.

Isn’t that wonderful? Yes, but here comes the real challenge

Google voice search has changed the scenario of Search Engine Optimization. Marketers nowadays find it essential to optimize the blog or website for this new tool along with traditional SEO methods.

But voice search queries are unpredictable. Some queries would be long-tail words whereas some are short-tail keywords. Marketers have to focus on this aspect in order to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages.

You might think if this is so complicated then what can we do? Here is how marketers handle this –marketers address these challenges with a focus on high-quality content. Marketers analyze audience preferences by developing an audience persona. They align the keywords to the most common and relevant questions asked. A mixture of a long tail and short tail keywords are used in the content. They track the performance of the strategies using Google analytics.

Now that we know the importance of Google Voice Search optimization,

  • Do you want to take the early advantage of this technology?
  • Would you like to reach out to more audience?
  • Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors?

If your answer is YES!, then you are in the game.

You would also be needing a professional content writer to write your web content.

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