FAQ’s for Content Creators

How can I get to register with your company as a content writer?

It’s easy my friend. Just click on the below mentioned link:


Fill the type form completely and press submit. You are now good to go.

After submitting my application till when can I expect to hear from you?

You will hear from us within 7 working days after you have filled up and submitted the form, provided your application is accepted by us.

How soon will I receive assignments?

There is no definitive time for receiving assignments. Our team takes special care in assigning you the work which matches your domain knowledge.

Will you notify me regarding new jobs when they are being submitted on your portal?

Yes you will be notified via mail when any new assignment is assigned to you.

You can then review the assignment and accept accordingly.

Is there any deadline within which I have to accept an assignment?

Since all projects are time bound, hence we would appreciate if you could respond as soon as you can.

How will I be evaluated for a writing position with your company?

 You will be evaluated based on the application form that you will be required to fill in.

Will I be allowed to choose my assignments?

On receiving an order from a client, our BRM will decide so as to whom to assign the job based on the domain expertise of all enlisted content writers. Hence be rest assured that you will be assigned work based on your known domain only.

Will I be able to communicate with the client with respect to the work assigned?

No, you will not be directly communicating with the client. All the queries which you will be having will be addressed to the BRM only. The BRM is also responsible for communicating to you about any requirement that the client may be having.

Your contract with us may be terminated at any point of time if it is found that you have made unwarranted efforts to get in touch with the client.

How many content writing orders can I undertake in a particular week?

There is no such limit for taking up jobs from your end. What is of utmost importance is timely completion and quality assurance of the job that will be assigned to you.

But it is also up to the BRM to decide how many jobs can be assigned to you which will be based on your task completion abilities.

How much can I expect to earn on a monthly basis if I get selected?

This totally depends upon you. We will pay you per article basis so you do not need to worry about the same. As said before, timely completion and quality assurance are of utmost importance to us, so if you can keep up with both of them, then the sky would be the limit for you, as far as earning as a Content Creator is concerned.

How soon will I receive payment for my assignments?

 You will receive your payments on a monthly basis

Are there any penalties for missing a deadline or in case of cancellation?

You will be given one warning if you miss the date for the very first time. It totally depends upon whether the client agrees to extend the time limit or not. If the same instance gets repeated again, then we might have to terminate your services with us.

Will my work be checked by proofreader too?

Since the focus and main priority of our company is towards offering premium content writing services to our clients, hence all your work will be checked by our dedicated team of proofreaders.

Please note that this does not mean that you are being given the freedom to commit mistakes.

We want our writers to deliver the best quality content to our clients. If by any chance we find that a content writer is not doing his work on a serious note, he will be warned once, after which his services will be terminated.

How long does it take for the proofreader to have my work reviewed?

Normally a proofreader will take a single day to review your work and will intimate you about the same, but it all depends on the length and complexity of the article which you may have written.

Can I access your portal through mobile phone or tablet too for work purpose?

Though you can access our platform from both mobile phone and desktop, still we would recommend you to use your desktop while doing your task pertaining to BetterContent.

In case of any discrepancies, who should I get in touch with?

We are always there to help you in case of any query or doubt. You can drop in a line at contact@bettercontent.in or give us a call at 9830105753.

Are subheadings included in the word count?

Yes, though the title name and reference list are not counted under word count.

What is the typical timeline for completion of an assignment?

Well, this totally depends on the need and urgency of the client. But as a general rule, you will be required to complete any task that has been assigned to you within 2 working days.

Will all my work will be rated for future tasks?

Yes, definitely all your work will be rated for future tasks. Hence the better you write, the more will be the frequency of jobs that will be assigned to you.

What if I need to take time off from my work?

No worries. You just need to send us an email in advance at contact@bettercontent.in and we will not send you any new assignments during the period that you will be away.