Cracking the quality content creation code

Content creation is a very creative field to work in provided you have the diligence, passion and patience to tread the hard path. Content is varied and comes in many forms. Some of them are blogs (the most common one), online newsletters, e.magazines, sales letters, e.mail marketing, video content, RSS feeds, product reviews, photography and the like.

And remember, people and the search engines love original content. The search engines have their own way of knowing which is original content and which has been copied from somewhere else and they can immediately penalize a site which uses duplicate content. Once penalised, it will severely harm your search engine ranking and your site may not be visible for some time to come.

Your creation has got to be original to its core. By creating original content you have the dual benefit of creating something which belongs to you only and you will also slowly gain confidence as to how to create something from its grassroots.

You can choose to specialise in whichever content creation stream you wish to, but the focus of this post is primarily on the written content. From our years of experience we have been able to garner the following tips, which we sincerely believe will help you to harness the skills of content creation in a much more effective manner:

The ten commandments for content creation

  •  You should ensure that whatever content you write, it should at the end of the story portray a positive outlook. This is because no one wants to read a content which gives them a negative vibe.
  • Another way to create valuable content is to develop the habit of writing short sentences rather than long ones. This is because the human mind normally prefers to read short sentences more than long ones. But do use long sentences, as and where you feel that it is an absolute necessity.
  • Learn to write from the point of view of a reader. Think if you are being able to solve a particular problem or you are able to provide an answer to a particular question that he must be having in mind. Let your content be so appealing that the reader keeps coming back for more, refers your post/blog to others and helps in increasing the traffic flow for your site. Make your content useful so that the reader can apply the same as solutions to any real-life problems.
  • Learn the art of writing SEO friendly content, because the more SEO friendly your content is, the more will it get noticed by the search engines and will rank better in their search pages. Search for online SEO tools which will help you to make your writing more attractive to the search engines.
  • Get into the habit of writing more active voice sentences rather than passive ones. Always try to address your readers as ‘you’ rather than ‘they’. This direct approach will make your readers more comfortable in reading through your content.
  •  ‘You reap what you sow’. This is true for content creation also. Malcolm Gladwell said ‘you have to have 10,000 hours of practice in a subject to be an expert in that field’. Do not get awed by the numbers, it is just that you have to start somewhere. But you have to got to start, you have to get into the habit by writing at least 200 words every day. This practice will hone your skills. Make you a better writer and also make your content richer in quality and stand apart from the rest.
  • Writing captivating headlines is a skill which you have to master over time. Remember, how you used to pick up a magazine or a paperback from your favourite magazine stall just by glancing at its cover which seemed attractive to you. Well, your headline is the cover for your writing. The headline should be able to convey within a second what you are trying to portray in your writing. If your headline does not attract your prospective reader at first glance, then they will not waste a second more in going through the rest. They are just going to move out and look elsewhere. Make your headline look more like the teaser trailer of an exciting action movie. Keep the reader hooked on at all times promising them more as time flows.
  • Add images and illustrations as and where necessary. A diagram or an infographic helps in explaining what you are trying to portray in a graphical and lucid manner. They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Adding a well-meaning and relevant image along with your post can go a long way in increasing the reach of your post.
  • Whatever your facts that you might be presenting before your audience, make sure that they are correct to the maximum extent possible. Collect your data from absolutely reliable sources either from the internet or off from it. Do your research carefully as incorrect data can spell disaster for your site.
  • Remember, any silly mistakes might prove catastrophic for you, especially in the early stages of your writing career. Experienced web trotters can smell an error from a mile away. Beware, they will spare no effort in highlighting the mistake and making it known to all. A wildfire spreads faster than the truth. There are many free online tools for helping you in content creation. These tools help you review your work and rectify mistakes if any. Everyone appreciates a well-written article as it help in establishing your credentials as a writer of good repute and knowledge.


To conclude, remember that there are no shortcuts to success. The more involved you are with something the more you will get back from it in return. Everyone has to start sometime, someday and somewhere. No one is a born genius. You are the person responsible for what you become. Gain new skills, hone your knowledge, and increase your vocabulary. Absorb all that is good like sand sucking in the water when rain falls in a desert. Start now, stay focused, aim for the bull’s eye and keep progressing and growing with each passing day.

Good luck and best wishes.

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