Best content writing agency | selection criteria

Best content writing agency | selection criteria


In this article we are going to discuss in detail on the topic – “How to choose best content writing agency for your business in India”?

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There is a huge difference in creating content and one which provides value to your readers. This is where most companies fail in a bad manner. Do u know how much cost, time , effort and resources a business owner can save?  This is when  instead of hiring his own team, he gets in contact with a professional content writing agency.

Do you know how can a professional writing agency be a solution? 

Story of content writing agency and a small business

Let us understand this concept with the help of a story.

Suppose there is a company named ABC. Now this company has 2 choices. They can either  hire individual freelance writers and build their own team. But do remember it would involve a huge cost. It would also involve the time, effort and resources involved to provide them with the necessary office area.

There is no guarantee that content writers which are hired by ABC Company will remain loyal. Also it is not sure they will keep on working for them in the long run. As soon as they get better pay or job opportunity, they will leave their company and move on for better growth opportunities. Hence, the company again in this case needs to meet with more cost in hiring new content writers. Also they need to be given necessary training as well which involves more cost for a business.

But suppose instead of hiring again and again, they get in contact with a professional content writing agency, say XYZ. Suppose they already have made a name for itself in the market place. Also the company XYZ has their own team of professional content writers. They do not require necessary training. Thus it can be a win- win situation.

I am sure by now you understand the power of outsourcing. It ensures that quality is not compromised with at all. Also it helps the business owners in focusing on other important tasks.

Factors to keep in mind while outsourcing content creation work

Now you might feel that yes I understood Outsourcing is very important.

But  what factors one need to be careful of while outsourcing content creation work?

You are absolutely right. Thorough planning and research is very much essential for every business owner.  There can be several factors  but do give special attention to the following:-


As we all know that for a company, hiring a new or individual freelancer can prove very costly. To be honest, they will need to hire a lot more freelancers  to take care of their majority work. Also, there are other costs, related to salary and training cost which a business owner needs to sustain. This is where content creation agencies are of high advantage for the business owners.

Outsourcing content to these content creation agencies provides much better results for business owners. This is because they can do work at a low cost without compromising on the quality aspect. This helps the business in avoiding  cost. This cost may be related to arranging for office or any other specific tools.

Content creation agencies in -built writing team have highly skilled professionals. Hence, they need not require any kind of training. They have a writer for every specific profile which the business owner requires content for. Thus it releases the business owner of unnecessary stress and burden. Hence, they can devote their time to other important tasks.


The second most important factor for outsourcing is consistency. Business owner outsource their work to content writing agencies. This is because of  lack of time and resources available in hand. They know that outsourcing of the work would be best. It is because  a professional team of in house writers knows everything about quality content. Business owners know that content writing agencies are consistent in their work output. Also they takes deadline seriously. Hence, it is important for the business owner to see whether the particular  agency can complete work. Also they need to ensure that whether they are consistent in terms of providing quality output.

Adhering to deadlines

We all know how important time is for the clients. You must have heard of the quote “Time is Money”. Hence, the clients outsource their work to a content writing agency, who can deliver them high quality work. Also they know that they meet  the prescribed deadlines. In such case the client let the content creation agency know in how many days they require the content. This thus helps the content writing agency to work accordingly as per the deadline. It also frees the clients to focus on other important tasks. Thus it’s a win- win situation for both parties.


Outsourcing tasks to the content creation agencies help ensure that content will be original. Also it ensures that it pass through several software and revision checks before they receive the final draft. Content writing agencies even provide them with the proof of evidence of originality and grammar check. This  makes the work easier for the business owners. This helps as writers write according to the style and formatting as prescribed by business owners. This ensures that best practices for content writing services have been utilized so that their brand can stand out at the marketplace.

Return on investment

It helps the clients in better traffic conversions and getting more promising leads.  This is because the in-house writers of such content creation agencies know how to optimize content. Thus it leads to better traffic conversions. They themselves are SEO trained and know all the tricks pertaining to content writing services. They do so by making use of the call to action and various other strategies.



One of the most important benefits is to take advantage of the knowledge and skill level of professional content writers of that agency. Such content writing agencies can provide any business a competitive edge in the marketplace. This is because their content writers can look everything from a different perspective. They can   create future content marketing plans for them too as per their needs. This will help the clients only in meeting their desired goals in the best manner. It will also help them take their business to the next level. Thus level of expertise is an important factor or parameter before choosing a particular content writing agency.


Now you might be wondering that fine I got to know a lot of things. We know why we should outsource the work instead of hiring our own team?

What factors need to be given due attention while outsourcing work to a content creation agency?

But how can we know that whether the particular content writing agency so chosen is right fit for our business?

Well I understand your concern .Choosing a content writing agency which  align with  business owner goals is extremely important. Otherwise the whole planning goes waste.


7 crucial elements before choosing a content writing agency

 Experience level 

One needs to know the industry experience for choosing a great content writing agency for your business. A company having more experience will definitely know more about the best practices. Such agencies will help you in taking your digital presence to the next level. Thus level of experience is an important factor. It can prove to be a boon for you in your content marketing tasks.


Kind of manpower recruited

7 crucial elements before choosing a content writing agency

Content writing agencies which flourish are those who knows how to recruit talented and educated content writers. They have their evaluation parameters well defined beforehand. Thus this aspect also needs due consideration before you select any content writing agency.



One of the best ways is to  see the actual content agency have already produced. One can go through the company’s website or blog to get an idea of it. Also, the client can ask for some of their writing samples. This way they can  judge  whether the company  will meet their needs in the best possible manner or not.


7 crucial elements before choosing a content writing agency


Professional Outlook

Every  business owner aspires to work with a content writing agency who shares the same vision as them. This ensures a win–win situation for both parties. Also  long term trustworthy relationships are built between them.



Every business owner wants to work with a content writing agency who can deliver quality work. Such an agency must also submit content within prescribed deadlines. They must have a long-term goal for itself. They  must be excited about their content writing services. Only then the business owner will feel that this company will be best suited to meet their requirements. Thus being passionate, dedicated and determined are a few of the characteristics which a content writing agency must possess.



7 crucial elements before choosing a content writing agency

A content writing agency who knows how to make use of the power of SEO is great for business. Every business owner wants to generate more and more traffic for his business. If such help is provided by a particular content writing agency  then its a great thing.  Every business owner would want to work with such content writing agency.


Meeting deadlines

No client wants to work with a content writing agency which cannot respond to your messages on time. Thus adhering to deadlines is the key. It will decide your fate of long term relationships.


Why you must choose BetterContent?

Well, there are various reasons which set us apart from our competitors in the marketplace.


Why BetterContent should be your prefered choice as content writing agency


Importance of dedicated BRM for content writing agency

We, at BetterContent, have a dedicated business relationship manager in our team. Now you might wonder what his role is. Most of the time direct contact between the client and the content writer disturbs both of them. Hence, BRM will act as a point of communicator between the clients and the content writers. He will take care of all the queries pertaining to content writing services. This way the business owner can focus on their other important task. Also, the content writer can work on the content part only. Rest of the aspects will be taken care by our BRM.


A dedicated proofreader is vital for our content writing agency

Delivering original content  without any kind of grammatical mistakes hold huge importance for the clients. But we at BetterContent feel it is equally important for the content writing agency as well. This is because their reputation is also at stake. Hence, we make sure that all the work is passed through various tools for plagiarism and grammatical accuracy check. After that, our proofreader manually verifies everything again. This is done to ensure that no scope remain for any errors. This is how much serious we are pertaining to our content writing services.


Evaluation criteria for recruitment of content writers for our content writing agency

Our content writing agency have a pre-defined evaluation criteria set on various parameters. Hence, only after a content writer passes through all parameters, that we hire them in our team. Hence with content writing agency like BetterContent, you will get access to the services of some of the finest writers spread across all over India.


Premium Quality Content- “Our content writing agency USP”

Our content creation agency focuses on delivering premium quality content writing services to our clients. This is our USP. We will write content that brings conversions for your business growth.


Adhering to deadlines is must for our content writing agency.

We understand the importance of delivering content on time. We are particular and committed about it. Our entire in-house content writer’s work 24*7 to deliver  quality content writing services. This is the reason most business owners like to connect with us.


Support staff  plays a crucial role for our content writing agency.

We at BetterContent always put our focus on delivering quality value to our clients. Hence we always put them on forefront. Our staff are always happy to resolve your queries 24* 7.


support staff role in oour content writing agency

Learn more about content marketing aspects .



Thus, to conclude we can say a business owner needs to do his thorough research and due diligence. One must choose a content writing agency which meet with their long-term goals and vision.

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Your success is our commitment. We  hope to create many more success stories. We want you to be a special part of it.

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