Google Voice Search will effect and affect SEO Ranking

The tech wonder that is Google Voice Search Mr Pankaj is an avid football fan. Every morning, as soon as he wakes up, he checks the results of English premier league matches. He regularly uses Google on his smartphone to get the information. But, instead of typing, he taps the microphone icon in the Google … Read moreGoogle Voice Search will effect and affect SEO Ranking

Best content writing agency | selection criteria

Introduction In this article we are going to discuss in detail on the topic – “How to choose best content writing agency for your business in India”? For your benefit, I have included three types (1.; 2. podcast; 3. the post itself) of this post.   You can see according to your own convenience. For, … Read moreBest content writing agency | selection criteria

The Ultimate Guide to Economics

What is economics? Economics as a subject is very important for everyone to study. One must be aware of his surrounding environment in which we are living. We can define it as a framework within which all economic activities that are production, consumption, investment etc. takes place. It is a mechanism which provides a living to its people. … Read moreThe Ultimate Guide to Economics